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This is a sample page. Click here to modify pages on your website. It is highly recommend that you bookmark this page on your browser for future use. Remove the content that you see here and replace it appropriately.

Tips on modifying your website

  • Log in as a site editor by clicking here
  • Navigate to different pages as if you are a normal user on the Internet
  • You will see the editor icon on the upper right hand corner of the screen. Click this icon to modify the currently displayed page.
  • Refer to table on the right to see other icons
  • There are two types of editor that you can use:
    1. Normal editor - allows you to type as if you are using MS Word or any other word processor
    2. HTML editor - allows you to modify raw HTML script
    It is recommended that you use the HTML editor if you have experience working with HTML scripts.
  • You can even paste contents from an MS Word document in the Page Body area.
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